Delicious Gourmet Mini Popping Corn. This Variety Pack offers our Top Selling Specialty Popping Corns (Red,White & Blue): Red Butterfly Popcorn also known as Strawberry corn. The Corn Cobs actually look like Strawberries. It is naturally red, and pops into a bright white small flake. This popcorn has a wonderful crunchy nutty flavor. White Butterfly popcorn is very tender and has less hulls than other hybrids. Blue Butterfly popcorn is a unique product that is naturally blue. The popcorn is a deep blue color before popped and then turns into a tender white flake that has a great nutty flavor. Blue popcorn is a unique popping corn that is higher in Antioxidants than common yellow popping corn. Packaged in a 16 oz. (450g) Re-Sealable Bag for you to enjoy.